Facial Acne

Tags: Facial Acne, Menstrual Pain, Cold Hands, Teabags, 4 weeks

The patient (female, 13 years old) has severe facial acne and the situation has worsened significantly over the past six months. Other symptoms and signs were menstrual pain, cold hands and feet, and easy to irritate. After eating our herb tea bags for only two weeks, her mother returned to our clinic to let us know that all the acne had been solved. After continually taking another 2 weeks of herbs, her hands and feet become warm and her period are not painful anymore. Her mother said she could concentrate on her school work and become much happier. After hearing her story, many of her same school's boys and girls who suffer from acne come to see us and accept satisfying treatments


Tags: Dizziness, Tonsil Pain, Trigeminal Pain, 2 months

The patient (male, 59 years old) has suffered from dizziness, tonsil pain, and more than 10 years' trigeminal pain. In the last 3 months, his trigeminal neuralgia seriously affects his sleep and normal work. He lost two teeth and has to take 5 medicines per day. Furthermore, he has to sleep on the bed with a 30-degree angle more than 20 years, otherwise the food will flow back into the mouth in the morning because of stomach reflux. After 2 months treatment, the symptoms of dizziness, tonsil pain, trigerinal pain disappeared, and his complexion had improved significantly. After 6 months of treatment, the problem of stomach reflux was resolved.

Liver Cancer

Tags: Liver Cancer, 2 segments, Acupuncture, Teabags, 7 months

The patient (female, 49 years old) had been diagnosed with liver cancer. Her liver ultrasound report showed a solid hyperechoic lesion in 2 segments with a size of 6 x 3.4 x 5.4 cm, which seems like a cancer scar. After 7 months' treatments of acupuncture and herbs teabag, she haematology and urine results were all normal and the tumor did not grow anymore. Now she comes to see us every week and takes herb every day to consolidate the conditions.


Tags: Hypothyroidism, Fatigue, 11 weeks

The patient (female, 29 years old) has hypothyroidism problem. In the past six months, she developed the following symptoms: severe fatigue, cold tolerance, and severe sleepiness. Her blood tests showed TSH: 76 mTU / L (normal range 0.5-4.0), FT4: 5.2 pmol / L (normal range: 10-20), FT3: 3.0 pmol / L (normal range 3.5-6.0). After 11 weeks' treatment, the patient felt that her energy returned to normal; her skin color and spirit was was good; and all signs of blood loss disappeared. The latest medical report showed TSH: 2.3mTU / L, FT4: 14 pmol / L, FT3: 4.8pmol / L. Even her general practitioner is very happy with these results.

Chest Pain

Tags: Chest Pain, Headache, Sleepy, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture

The patient (female, 69 years old) had left chest pain from a rib fracture caused by bone osteogenesis 9 months ago. She came to see us following her colleague's recommendation. She couldn't fall asleep because of left chest pain. She felt extremely drowsy, headache, sleepy during the day, and was difficult to concentrate. Therefore, her energy is extremely low and can not work. She cannot take Western Medicine, so she decided to try TCM. After taking only two weeks of powdered herbs and three times acupuncture treatments, her chest pain completely disappeared. Further treatments are still going on to completely solve her osteophoresis problem.