Who we are?

Castle Hill Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture was founded by Dr Ellen Zhao at 2014. We are specialised in treating various health issues using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Chinese Herb Prescription, Acupuncture, Cupping and Bleeding Needling etc. The TCM treatments can be very pleasant even enjoyable for the patients. In our clinic every patient will accept the most suitable treatment based on his/her health conditions and preferences. For example, we have developed Chinese herb teabag formula for various health issues and micro-needles in the acupuncture treatments, which are very easy to be taken even for a kid. We aim to treat all the diseases of patients using the methods they can accept. In last ten years, We have helped more than 500 patients. Most of them come to see us following the recommendations from their friends, relatives, colleagues and classmates etc. We are proud of our reputation in their communities.

Our Services


Affects the whole body and local area, relates Qi channel and the organ system


Helps to promote the circulation and eliminate toxin

Bleeding needling

A quick and effective treatment for heat and toxicing problems

Herbal Medicine

Individualised prescriptions made up to 8 or more herbs

Herb Teabag

Small dose, fast effect, easy to be taken

Frequently asked questions

No. You can make an appointment with any of our practitioners directly without a referral.
Yes. For most of our services you can claim on your health fund if your policy covers you for the modality. For example consultations and acupuncture are claimable on the majority of health funds.
Yes we do appreciate you arriving about 10 minutes early for your first appointment as you will need to fill out initial paperwork and consent forms. For any further appointments we just request that you arrive on time.
Your initial consultation may last up to one hour. Acupuncture and other treatments may take up to one and a half hours.
This greatly depends on your condition, and what form of treatment you are having. Long term or chronic conditions are likely to require more treatment. We will discuss this with you on your first visit when we have an idea of your diagnosis.

How others like us

Highly Recommended

I have been seeing Ellen at Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for the last 5 years and I have found her to be a knowledgeable and caring lady that has made a considerable difference to my life. I have and continue to recommend her to any persons that would need medical help!

Reviewed on September 2019 - Luck

Excellent Service

Ellen is quite professional and helpful. Would highly recommend. Thank you.

Reviewed on June 2019 - David


Will recomend this place to everyone. The owner Ellen is very nice.

Reviewed on April 2019 - Mohd

Highly recommend!

I would highly recommend Ellen, whose experience in meidicine is broad ranging. She understands how to bring the body into harmony and my good health is proof of her good work. Thanks Ellen.

Reviewed on Sep 2018


As an adult with ADHD, I was suffering from the side effects of prescribed medication. Ellen instead treated me with herbs and acupuncture and by 5 months, I began experiencing for the first time, prolonged focus over long periods while reading and writing. I also did not experience any side effects. Amazing!

Reviewed on August 2019 - K. K.

Highly recommend

Ellen has been a great help to me. I had taken some strong medication to treat my adenomyosis/endometriosis that made me menopausal for 6 months. I started taking her herbs and I got my period again. It was not painful and heavy as it used to be. My energy levels have increased tremendously. I find Ellen very inspiring and she gives me great advise on health and well-being, she has helped me both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Ellen to anyone who wants to improve their health and overall wellbeing. She is very dedicated and passionate about her work

Reviewed on August 2019